What is the best way to do a UK staycation?

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:70pjcWe have all now come to terms with the new travel measures, back in May when Mr. Johnson announced the travel ban, the buzz word “staycation” skyrocketed!

According to Auto Trader, their viewings on campervans and motorhomes increased by 17% versus this time last year. Auto Trader also performed a survey of 2000 people which 51% of them said they would consider a caravan or motorhome.

It is staggering to see the new trends that have arisen form what we are calling the new normal. However, what I am hearing is many of you are finding it daunting and very confusing when it comes to choosing the right staycation accommodation.

So, to make it easier for you I have put together some information on the different options available on the market. With the view to help provide a little clarity in what we seeing as un-certain times.

Let’s firstly address the different styles of accommodations on wheels!


When we think of motorhomes, we often think of the huge RVs types, the ones which you see in the movies like “Meet the Fokkers” and although they are incredible, they are very large and often expensive!

Not all Motorhome are like this, you can have a full motorhome in a large van, such as Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, or a Ford Transit. The difference is only in the size of the vehicle and the space you have inside, they will all still come with, Kitchen, shower room & toilet, seating space, sleeping areas and storage space such as a garage depending on what you are looking for.

Motorhomes are more likely to be used by families or individuals who are doing long-distance traveling. After all, it can be like home from home.


Over the past few years, campervans have become much more common in the UK.

This could be down to several reasons; people are enjoying the outdoors more, therefore, looking for convenient accommodation that suits their hobbies.

Online jobs are becoming more common, giving people freedom and the ability to travel.

They are also, much more affordable now!

Often campervans are used for weekend breaks, they don’t usually come with built-in showers and toilets however, they do offer a much more luxurious way to camp, travel, and eat under one roof.

They can be built suitable for you and your companions; most can sleep up to 4 people and provide enough storage for outdoor sports. They all come with a kitchen and dining area to make it very convenient for every type of occasion.

Vans that are most commonly turned into campervans are, VW T5 & T6, Ford Transits, Mercedes Vito,

and Citroen relay.

#Sport Homes

Sport homes are the least commonly known to the public, but massively used throughout the motorsport industry!

Sports Homes are very convenient and a delightful way to travel! They provide self-accommodation when it comes to staying in locations that suit your hobbies.

Sport homes have a huge following in the motorbike world and increasingly becoming more popular in the mountain bike industry and that is by no coincidence!

This style of van conversion would usually be done in a large van like a Mercedes Sprinter, they are designed to offer an all-round comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Equipped with a large garage, large sleeping area, kitchen, and seating area. The main selling point to this conversion is its diversity and convenience of having a little luxury when enjoying the sport, you love. Families can also fit in these conversions as they can sleep up to six!

If a staycation has been added to your bucket list for 2020 and you would like more information on bespoke campervan builds, already built campervans & motorhomes or you would like to look at building your own kits. Please get in touch with a member of our team.

You can do this via, DM on our socials or email sales@elevenmotorhomes.com

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