Keeping the wheels turning!

Day- to- day life has changed as we know it, but does it have to be all doom and gloom?

The answer is no! Let’s put everything aside, you as a business can pick your mindset and choose to take this time to revaluate your business.

Look at things that are working for you right now, and how you can adapt them to be a commercial benefit in what we see as our new normal. We have been given the gift of time to think of new opportunities, ideas, and time to make a comprehensive plan of action.

From the eleven-group point of view, the situation we have found ourselves in has given us chance to preform a SWAT analysis on our business. Seeking new ventures and improving everything that we maybe didn’t have time to do when everything was a million mile an hour.

How can you ensure your business can come bouncing back?

First step

- Choose to be innovated. Companies that recognise change within the industries we work in are the ones that will be profitable now and will be booming when the economy picks back up!


- Look at what is working for people in your industry


- Is there really no way you can work right now? If not, provide information to your customers to help them understand your business and how you can help them.


- Can you take your business online? If not, what can you do to make your business be instantly accessible by your customers?


- Finally, your shop window right now is online, check how you look compared to your competitors.

How are Eleven practicing what we preach?

First & foremost WE HAVE MOVED! We are now based in Leeds City centre giving us huge opportunity with Jaguar Landover, Arnold Clark and Trinity kitchen as our new neighbours, we can only see this as a better place for our customers and our team.

- Sales, we are currently working on a plan to sell online parts and vans from our new unit!

- Social media, with help from our new marketing department we will be boosting our brand awareness by giving information to you via YouTube, offers via Facebook and exploring how we can help you & us on Insta!

- Finally, a new conversion and design is about to hit Eleven group… Stay tuned to find out more on the new member of the Eleven Family.

If you would like to know more about what is going on within the Eleven world, please contact us on

Stay safe & stay well


Fitting a plastic screen to protect passengers when driving
Vehicle Safety Screen

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