Land Rover Defender Commercial Rear Seats


Eleven specialise in converting Landover Seats with the launch of the Land Rover Defender Commercial we are proud to say that our services have been innovated enough to be the first supplier & fitter of the Defender Commercial seats in the UK.


Turn your new commercial vehicle into the perfect family car, ultimate travel vehicle or workforce driver.
At Eleven we understand how innovated business must be and there is no need to give up quality and style.
Eleven has been helping businesses become more efficient for over the past 5 years, we have specialist teams and appliances to fit Land Rover Seats, and we proudly hold the badge of a UK preferred Supplier & Fitter, we are now offering a mobile service to make the process even more streamlined for you and your workforce.

Quickest Lead Time Quickest Fitting Time For Land Rover Defender Fitting In The UK

 At Eleven, we understand the importance of time and efficiency that is why we pride our craftsmanship on finding the smartest yet effective ways to work. 

Eleven’s depth of knowledge on the Land Rover Commercials has allowed us to provide a service that suits everyone.


Why Choose Eleven’s Defender Commercial Seat Fitting Services?


Rather than talking about our specialist teams, our excellent service and our eye for perfection we thought we would give you the facts to keep it simple.



  • Eleven have the fastest delivery and seat fitting times of Defender Commercial seats in the UK.

  •  All seats are in stock, with a new delivery of HSE seats, SE Seats and S trims every week.

  • We offer all trims in the best possible quality  Leather.

  • All seats come with ISOFIX

  • Defender seats available in a 2-seat or 3-seater

  • Fitted mobile or in house while you wait 2-3 hours fitting time.

  • All seats are fully tested “rear seating system that can be retro fitted in your new Land Rover Defender”

  • All seats are sprung based

£2320+VAT fitted

Call or email now for your tailored quotation and lead times. 0113 345 5918

Fitting can be done while you wait and takes 3-4hours. We also offer a range of styling options